Katelyn Cabe

A central hub for all my works and passions.

About Katelyn

Hi, I’m Katelyn! I’m a writer, with experience in journalism, web content, academic research, book reviews, and ghostwriting. I’m also working on my first (accredited) novel. Check out the toolbar to find links to my professional work, and please Contact Me if you have any questions or need something written.

At home, I’m a nerd. I’m a fan of Harry Potter, Sherlock and Doctor Who, and write fanfiction in my spare time (no I won’t tell you my user name). I’m a Nerdfighter and do my best to decrease worldsuck. I live with my family in Ohio, along with our four cats, two dogs, and two birds. If you have any questions about me, please still feel free to Contact Me, I’d love to chat!

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